from by Leigh Harrison



Recorded in 1980
Written by Leigh Harrison © APRA 1979


You ask me if I'm brokenhearted
I thought you knew that Leos don't have hearts
Except on their sleeves.
You tell me you're sad to be leaving
Uh-huh - I know how hard it must be for you
To leave someone like me

But as you can see I smile through the tears I wear to help you bear the pain
Of walking out on a lover like me again
I couldn't have hurt you, you didn't complain

You tell me I'll soon find another
I tell you another will find me
Before you're down the stairs
You hope that I don't find it too hard
Huh! You found it too hard most every night
It's an easy goodbye

You say that I should show more feeling
'Cos you had lots of love to give to me
What's new? So do I
You ask how I keep myself smiling
I just carry a mirror around with me
And a photo of you

And as you can see I cry through the smiles I wear to help me bear the pain
Of watching another lover walk out again
You shouldn't have hurt me - it was only a game


from Three Deck Wreck, released December 1, 2007




Leigh Harrison New Zealand

Leigh Harrison started writing songs and producing other artists in the 1970s.

Two decades later Leigh released "Inappropriate Touching" and "Lean On The Angels". A number of projects with other musicians followed before the retrospective "Three Deck Wreck" in 2007.

Leigh continues to write and record, and can be spotted performing live in and around Wanganui New Zealand.
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