Inappropriate Touching

by Leigh Harrison

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Written and recorded in Wellington New Zealand; a bedroom in Brooklyn and a bedsit in Khandallah.


released December 1, 2002

Instruments and voices: Leigh H
Buttons and knobs: L Harrison




Leigh Harrison New Zealand

Leigh Harrison started writing songs and producing other artists in the 1970s.

Two decades later Leigh released "Inappropriate Touching" and "Lean On The Angels". A number of projects with other musicians followed before the retrospective "Three Deck Wreck" in 2007.

Leigh continues to write and record, and can be spotted performing live in and around Wanganui New Zealand.
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Track Name: Come Away With Me
Come away with me, my love
Come to the mountains and drink the pure air
Come to the river and wash away all your cares
Dance in the light that the angels have worn
Come away

Come away with me, my love
Come to the past with its colours of warm
Come to the memories fragrant and roughly torn
Fly with the breath of the dream-scented air
Come away

Come come come come away with me
Come come come come away

Come away with me, my love
Come to the meadows of emerald dew
Come to the purp'ling hillside, just me and you
Hold me a moment that's longer than time
Come away

Come away with me, my love
Come to the seashore with gold-dusted sands
Come to the diamond-sprayed ocean that rims the land
Launch all our hopes on the salt-scented sea
Come away
Track Name: Lay Down Beside Me
My life was a path that too many feet had trod
When you found me and stretched out your heart
You offered no platitudes, you took no offence
As you rebuilt what life shook apart
I could never repay you, and all you would say was "hush"

As you lay down beside me and opened your arms
And your touch loved the hurt from my soul
Then you held me against you and blessed all my dreams
'Till the promise of dawn warmed the sky

It was fragile at first like the new buds of spring
But we nurtured our freedom from fear
And you helped us to grow past the pain and regret
To a place where our future seemed clear
And whenever I fell down, you would lift up my head and say "hush"

The years have been rocky and life has been hard
And in sorrow and selfishness we've drifted apart
Now we feed off our fears and we fight what we feel
Yet when I see your pain, all my heart wants to say is "hush"
Track Name: You Took My Heart
You didn't take the sun
You didn't take the beauty of the moon
You didn't take my life, though I wish you had
You didn't take my life when you went away

But you took my heart far away
And the place where it used to lay
Aches for you, aches for you
Aches and aches and aches for you

You didn't take the breath from my body
And you left the sight in my eyes
You didn't take the feeling from my fingers
You should have cut them off and left me to die

How could you know how best to hurt me
Know how to maximise my pain
When did they teach you how to steal so
How to reveal so
how to conceal so

You didn't take my knives
You didn't take my credit card
You didn't take my telephone caller display
I know where to find you, and how to make you pay
Track Name: Friends Like You
I owe it all to friends like you
I owe it all to friends like you
You always stood by me and helped me through
I owe it all to God and friends like you

Life can leave you so lonely
Love turns out to be only phony
People break their promises and let you down
But you've always stood by me
Never doubted that I could be who I could be
Helped me through the quicksand onto solid ground

Trust is easily broken
Hurtful words cannot be unspoken
Faithfulness becomes an inconvenience
Don't pretend I've been blameless
That would not cause our pain to be less
But bless you for your caring and encouragement

May the sky never rain when you need the sun
May the road straighten out when your heart says run
May you always find smiles and a helping hand
When the pain closes in and it's hard to stand
What you did for me, may others do for you
What you did for me, may others do for you
What you did for me …
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
Hi ... so you're home. Are you happy today?
I get nervous alone, scared that you'll make me pay
You don't tell me in words. You never could say
Why you have to be cruel when you love me this way

I don't want to feel the firm slap of your hand, the kiss of your kick,
The warmth of your cigarette stubbed on my skin.
I don't want to know that our love's still alive through bruises and blood
And the caring caress of your fist on my ribs

Then when you've gone and I crawl to the phone
I tell them I tripped while at home all alone
I'll tell them I slipped and I injured myself,
Banging my head on the edge of that shelf

I don't want to leave but I don't want to stay
I don't like the pain when you love me this way
I know it's my fault, I know it's not you
I have the problem, it's your love that's true

Leave me alone
But don't leave me alone

They ask why I stay when it happens again
And again and again and again and again

I say I don't know how I could survive
Without you beside me to keep me alive

Anything's better than ... better than
Anything's better than ... better than
Anything's better than leaving
Track Name: Calling Me Home
Calling me home
Calling me home
Calling me all the way home.

They were five yesterday,
the fire of freedom in their eyes
circling the cold ocean of sky
on effortless, outstretched wings.
Today they are six.
They come calling me,
Calling me home.
Track Name: My Whole Heart
I gave you my whole heart
Not just a part of me but every fibre and every atom of my whole heart
Keeping nothing for me, oweing nothing but the debt of your love
You wanted transferrable dollars, I gave
All I had until I was drained, and then you
Told me that I' d have to go

But I would drive the longest oceans
I would swim the deepest skies
I would fly the bluest highways
To get to where you are
Just to get to where you are

With my whole heart
I kept it pure for you without any strings attached, no complications
To my whole heart
Freely offered without terms and conditions, without any restrictions
You wanted compatible body parts, and
I happened to have some that fitted, but when
They failed you you said I should go

You took my whole heart
Leaving nothing but a hole in my body, a hole in my life
Without my whole heart
Strapped into life support and waiting for surgery, waiting for nothing
You wanted babies and houses, so I
Delivered on every front, until you
Decided I had to go
Track Name: Isn't Going to Rain Today
Sun is shining, the skies are blue
I have a morning I can spend with you
Seems like maybe it isn't going to rain today
I don't have money, but I've got your love
The greatest gift from God above
Seems like maybe it isn't going to rain today

Rain will come, you can't hold it back
Wind will chill you and clouds will stay
It's a fact of nature, it's a fact of life
But it's a not a factor everyday
No it's not a factor here

Birds sing and the grass is green
Got a heart full of hope and a pocket full of dreams
Maybe it isn't going to rain today
Have an hour and a telephone
Know you're at home all alone
I think that maybe it isn't going to rain today

Rainy days can never hold you down
When the sun is shining in your soul
They will come and go just to clear the air
But it doesn't rain just any day
No it isn't raining here today

Night breezes won't cool me down
When you're here beside me to keep me warm
More than maybe, it isn't going to rain today
Tomorrow morning may bring the sun
Or rain may be falling before day has begun
Doesn't matter it isn't going to rain today
Track Name: Faith is a Strong Woman
Faith is a strong woman
With a mind of her own
Faith is a strong woman
With a mind of her own
When you go down next time
Come up and show the world how you shine
Faith is a strong woman
With a mind of her own

Hope is the one reason
To keep pushing on
Hope is the one reason
To keep pushing on
Shrug off your broken chains
Put you forward foot out once again
Hope is the one reason
To keep pushing on

Love need no invitation
She come when she please
Love need no invitation
She come when she please
When I look in your eyes
All that's dead inside me comes alive
Love need no invitation
She come when she please
Track Name: Jiggy in Jville
Always looking for someone, someone I can't seem to find
Not just any kind of man, but one whose plan
Doesn't include messing with my mind - messing with my body's just fine
But there's always a punter doing a line
And he says "You have an amazing aura. What star sign are you?"
And I say

Home you go Romeo
Don't you know I'm not going to love you, love you, love you, love you
Home you go Romeo
Don't you know I'm not going to love you, love you, love you, love you
You're short, you're bald and you're paunchy
And even I'm not feeling that raunchy

Went out Friday night with Karren, we were having a drink with friends
Sitting and laughing and fooling and faffing and making like we hadn't a care
Like no-one else was even there
And then this little man appeared, I swear and he said "Hi - haven't we met before?"
And I said

Saturday night I was downtown, just Holly and Stef and me
We were cruising and schmoozing and using and floozing and seeing what we could see
Trying to get our drinks for free
When this little man came up to me and he said "Grrr. Nice tits sweetheart."
And I said

Lord I want to be lifted up, I need to feel your love overflow my cup
I want to be surrounded by your peace and have my troubled heart put at ease

Looking around me I got nothing but
Troubles from one end of the bathtub to the other
Someone pulled the plug out and they crawled up the drain
They take turns to taunt me, take care to exploit me
Humiliation's worse than going insane
Have you ever known failure that holds you in a vice
Shows you no mercy, cuts you like a knife
Till you reach out for someone, anyone ...

When I walk down the street the whole
World turns away quietly whispering my name
Think they know where I'm going 'cos they know where I've been
I'd like to surprise them with a change in direction
But every road I take seems to lead where I've been
Have you ever been tied down on the railway line of fate
Hoping the future might this once be late
Calling out for someone, anyone …
Track Name: Lost Forests of Childhood
Outside adult time, deaf to authority,
a wide swathe of reserve thickly willowed
A magic place of secret springs and tangled tracks
forever cool under a high green canopy.
There we were sourcerers and knights,
daily seamstresses to our own myths,
becoming history in the forgotten forest of childhood.

There was a field, the corner of a kingdom,
a brown-grassed wilderness beyond the school gates.
We loitered intently on our way home,
beating the dry stalks with drier sticks,
scuffing the pale dust into the summer air,
scuffing the pale dust into the shimmering summer air,
lingering together in the secret forest of childhood.

My grandparents lived in another world, beside a river
where tall poplars and walnuts grew.
We burnt fallen leaves there in autumn,
dancing through the fragrant smoke with watering eyes.
In summer we explored together the green bounds
of the eely-weedy river,
long sun-splashed days in the hidden forest of childhood.

Won't you come; won't you come with me.
Won't you walk; won't you run with me.
Come back, walk back, run back through the years.
We will ride; we will roam again.
We will roll and reel and rule again.
We will dance and dare and delight to feel so new;
Just you, just me and just you
In the lost forests of childhood.